Contact List

To open the list of contacts, click on menu Contact, then click on submenu Contact

Inside the Contact List

  • Contact’s Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • Group ID
  • Option to View Detail, Edit, & Erase

Make a new contact

This is when you choose which group this contact belongs to :

Update contact details

Send SMS to the current contact

To save the sender number of incoming SMS

  • Open & View the incoming SMS
  • Click on the operation menu “Add New Contact”

Importing contacts using CSV file

  • Prepare an excel file with format .CSV that contains the following columns
    1. “ID” column, leave it empty
      First line should be filled with the title of each column
      The columns are : ID, Name, Telephone, e-mail, group ID
      Choose menu “Import from CSV”
      Click on “Select CSV File”, then choose your CSV file