Send or Broadcast a new SMS

To send / broadcast new SMS

  • Click on menu SMS
  • Click on sub-menu Send Message
    1. type in the recipient’s number into the “SMS to”

Within the SMS to it will be filled with the numbers of contacts you’ve chosen before

Others than to send it to multiple contacts, you can also edit it to multiple groups

To Send SMS to groups

  • You can type in the name of the group into the “SMS to Group” box (use semicolon “;” to separate names between groups)

Fill in the text you wish to send into Text Decoded

There’s a description for the number of words & number of pages of SMS, based on what you type.


You can schedule when will the SMS be sent

If you want to send it right away, then just leave those 2 boxes empty


on the box Creator, it shows the maker of SMS, but you can just ignore it because it won’t shown to the recipients anyway.

The speed to send the SMS totally depend on the strength of the modem’s & simcard provider’s signals.