Within the Configuration, you can:

  • Set the setting for Simcard you use
  • Put your logo in the system
  • Set the email to use within the system
  • Add / remove user accounts for the system
  • Export all incoming messages to a file Excel format

Configuration – SIM

Within the Configuration – SIM, you can:

  • Change settings for simcards you use for the system, on the tab “Phones”
  • List of SIMs: Go back to list of all simcards
  • Create SIM: Add a new simcard to use within the system
  • Update SIM: Edit/Update setting of the current simcard
  • Delete SIM: Remove the current simcard

Configuration – Logo

Within the Configuration – Logo, you can:

  • you can put your logo into the system, on tab “General”

Configuration – Email

Within the Configuration – Email, you can:

  • change settings on the email use by the system, on tab ”Email”

Configuration – Users

Within the Configuration – Users, you can:

  • See all user accounts existed in the system
  • Create a new user account
  • Manage existed user accounts
  • Update User :Edit the username, password, and his/her role

Configuration – Export Report

Within the Configuration – Export Report, you can:

  • export all incoming SMS which has keywords in it into a excel spreadsheet file